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Home of Love : A Short History of the Papal Seminary, Kandy-Pune (1893-2015)
Authorship Description
Fr. Merces de Melo Carlos, updated and edited by Fr. Kurien Kunnumpuram.
Bibliographical Details xx, 164 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481549
ISBN-13 9789351481546, 978-9351481546
Year of Publication 2016.
Further Details In Collaboration with Papal Seminary, Pune.
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Papal Seminary, one of the oldest Catholic Seminaries for the formation of priests, has a glorious history. Over the last 123 years it has been able to train thousands of priests, sisters and lay people. Until it was shifted to Pune, Papal Seminary (Papal Athenaeum) was catering almost exclusively to the Papal Seminarians. After it was shifted to Pune, it started accepting students from other religious congregations and lay men & women also. Fondly called "The Home of Love", it has contributed creatively to both -- the Church and the Nation. The book, inter-alia covers a broad overview of this prestigious institution since its pioneer beginning at Kandy, facing various struggles towards its growth, consolidation & widening the developmental horizons at Pune, towards imparting training all through to the people, and continuing unabatedly its journey to the present 21st Century rightly spreading its affectionate flavor.






1. The Foundation of the Kandy Seminary : The Pioneers

2. The First Beginnings (1893-1898)

3. Struggle Towards Growth (1899-1918)

4. Growth and Consolidation (1919-1943)

5. Unto Wider Horizons (1943-1955) : The Transfer to Pune

6. Developments in Pune (1955-1967)

7. Priests and the Laity in India Today (1968-1980)

8. Towards a Century (1980-1993) and More (1993-99)

9. The First Years of the 21st Century

Fr. Merces de Melo Carlos, SJ, was a Jesuit belonging to Goa Province and a permanent resident of the Papal Seminary. He was a well-known professor of Canon Law at the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India.

Fr. Kurien Kunnumpuram, SJ, is a Jesuit belonging to Kerala Province and a permanent resident of the Papal Seminary till 2014. He was the President and a professor of Ecclesiology at the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India.

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