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Sermons for Spiritual Transformation : With an Introduction to the Basics of Sermon and Preaching
Authorship Description
Dr. Keciziuying Siang.
Bibliographical Details viii, 185 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457953
ISBN-13 9789395457958, 978-9395457958
Year of Publication 2023.
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US $ 50.00
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In a world teeming with distractions and the relentless hum of daily life, Sermons for Spiritual Transformation emerges as a guiding beacon of spiritual direction and profound change. This book not only establishes an educational foundation for mastering the basics of sermon composition and impactful delivery but also introduces powerful, effective sermons that illuminate readers' minds and deepen their faith in God.

As the book unfolds, readers will find themselves immersed in the art of crafting sermons that transcend mere words to become catalysts for spiritual transformation. The sermons within this book embody an unwavering commitment to uplift, challenge, and ultimately transform the hearts and minds of its readers, making it an essential read for Bible learners, preachers, and those seeking spiritual enlightenment.



Chapter 1: The Basics of Sermon and Preaching
1. What is a Sermon?
2. Components of a Sermon
3. Types of Sermons
    3.1. Expository Sermons
    3.2. Textual Sermons
    3.3. Topical Sermons
4. Guidelines for Effective Preaching
    4.1. Language
    4.2. Voice
    4.3. Posture
    4.4. Gestures
    4.5. Eye Contact
    4.6. Dress Code

Chapter 2: Expository Sermons
1. Eating the Scroll
2. Knowing Christ
3. Do not Be Ashamed of the Gospel
4. The Beatitude of Mercy
5. Better Together
6. That All May Be One
7. A Call to Be Blameless Church Leaders

Chapter 3: Textual Sermons
1. Freedom from Bondage
2. Feed My Sheep
3. Empowered Witnesses for Christ
4. Divorce
5. The Love of Two Mothers
6. The First Christmas Celebrations
7. Unity and Diversity
8. The Call of Levi

Chapter 4: Topical Sermons
1. Jesus the Rock: Our Sure Foundation
2. Christian Discipleship
3. The Characteristics of an Acceptable Prayer
4. Living a Prayerful Life
5. Living Out Christian Hope
6. Giving Thanks to God at All Times
7. Salvation: Can(Not) Be Lost?
8. The Seven Strange Preachers in the Bible

Dr. Keciziuying Siang hails from Ndunglwa village, Peren, Nagaland. He shares his life with Ms. L. H. Nimreila, and their union has been blessed with two children, namely, Ms. Mzeukiele Siang and Mr. Dihu Siang. He is Associate Professor of New Testament and has been teaching this subject at the Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS), Aizawl, since 2006. During the period spanning 2019 to 2023, he served as the Academic Dean. Currently, he assumes the role of Dean of Post-Graduate Studies at AICS. Notably, he is the author of two significant works: Paul, Women and Female Imagery (Aizawl: RDDAICS, 2010) and The Rich in the Bible (Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2022).


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